Custom Domain

Custom Domain

When you create a site with Quotion, you automatically receive a subdomain like <YourName>.quotion.co. However, if you prefer not to use the Quotion branding, a custom domain is a great option. Here's how to link your custom domain:

Go to the Domain page

Log in to the Quotion dashboard (opens in a new tab) and select the site you want to add a domain to.

Save the domain to your site

Type in your domain and click the Save button.

Add the DNS record

Follow the guide displayed on the screen. You'll need to add an A Record or CNAME Record in your domain's DNS dashboard. Here are some articles you may find useful:

Note: Cloudflare customers need to turn off the DNS proxy, or the domains won't work. Here's an example of how to turn it off:

Turn off CF DNS proxy

Check the official doc (opens in a new tab) if needed.

Validate domain

Once our system recognizes your DNS configurations, a green check mark will appear like this:

Custom doamin

🎉 Congratulations! Your domain should now be active.


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