Apple Notes

Apple Notes features

Quotion is compatible with most of Apple Notes features, including

Rich text formatting


  • Title, Heading, Subheading, Monostyled
  • Body bold italic underline strikethrough
  • Bulleted List, Dashed list, Numbered list
  • Table & checklist

Here is the demo:

The note: Rich text

The rendered post: Rich text post

Advanced features


  • Photo/Video/Audio
  • Scan Documents (Rendered as images)
  • Drawing

Here is the demo:

The note: Advanced

The rendered post: Advanced post


Videos, images, and audio files are typically large blobs that are costly to store, transform, and stream across various devices.

Here are the limitations we have implemented:

  • Every original video size is limited to 50MB.
  • Every original Image size is limited to 20MB.
  • Every original audio size is limited to 10MB.

These limitations only apply to the original files you put in your notes. We automatically optimize the image, audio, and video experience to enhance your site's performance. For example, a 10MB image might be reduced to 100KB when displayed on your live site.

If you want to display a long video/audio on your post, consider uploading it to YouTube and copy & paste an embed code into your note.


Quotion supports multi-tags, tags are used to filter and show post categories: tags


All Apples Notes features are available to all plan users, including free plan users! Try Quotion (opens in a new tab) for free!