Customize Layout

Customize Layout

We take Apple Note First seriously. With our service, personalizing your site layout is a breeze, right from your Apple Notes app! There's no need to log in to our dashboard. Enjoy the convenience at your fingertips.

Follow these easy steps to make the site yours.

Create a new note named home

Quotion recognizes this specific note and use it to customize the home page for you.

Home template

You can copy the content below to the home note as a start point.



Site faviconSite logo


Home Features Pricing Docs


Peak Blog

Explore Our Creative Universe: Insights & Inspirations

The latest industry news, technologies and resources from the team.


About RSS Sitemap ©Copyright 2024 Peak Inc.

You must keep the same structure or it won't work, all headings like Icons, Header, Hero and Footer shouldn't be renamed or moved.



Put 2 images here (favicon and logo), no more no less. Other formats like texts will be ignores.

If you need to make a logo by yourself, here are some free tools you may find useful:


Only links work, texts or images won't work, you can change, add or remove links.


You can change all texts, or remove the decorated text like Peak Blog, but must have a hero title like Explore Our Creative Universe: Insights & Inspirations. Links, images will be ignored.


You can change, remove or add links, the last text will be treated as copyright note, other texts and images will be ignored.


Here is a real-world example. If some parts didn't work, you can take a closer look.

Home example


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